The Pocket Guide to World History

Bly, Nellie. 1867-1922. US star reporter. [Read more ...]

Boabdil (Mohammed XI). -1538. Last Moorish King of Spain, 1482-92. [Read more ...]

Boadicea. -60. British Iceni Queen. Led rebellion vs Romans over taxes, 60. [Read more ...]

Boccaccio, Giovanni. 1313-75. Italian “father” of vernacular novel. Decameron 1348-53. [Read more ...]

Boccador, Il. -1549. Architect Paris Hotel de Ville, 1533. [Read more ...]

Boccioni, Umberto. 1882-1916. Italian artist. Founded Futurism. Riot in the Gallery 1909. [Read more ...]

Bocskay, István. 1557-1606. Hungarian rebel vs HRE Catholicism. Gained Transylvania from Rudolf II. Vienna Peace, 1606. [Read more ...]

Bode, Johann. 1747-1826. German astronomer: Laws of planetary distances, 1766. [Read more ...]

Bodel, Jean. 1167-1210. Wrote first French miracle play. Play of St. Nicholas 1200. [Read more ...]

Bodhidharma. (Daruma). 6C Indian monk in China. Founded Ch’an Buddhism =Zen. [Read more ...]

Bodhisattva. One who delays Buddhahood to save others. Mahayana. [Read more ...]

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