The Pocket Guide to World History

Bodin, Jean. 1530-96. French political philosopher. Advocated democratic monarchy. [Read more ...]

Boeotian League. 550-335BC. Federal government formed by Thebes. Opposed Sparta in Corinthian War. Defeated by Philip of Macedonia, 338. Destroyed by Alexander the Great, 335. [Read more ...]

Boer War. 1880-1. Boers defeat British, who had annexed Transvaal, 1877. [Read more ...]

Boer War. 1899-1902. British defeat Boer Republic in South Africa. Vereeniging. [Read more ...]

Boers. 17-19C Dutch settlers in South Africa. Great Trek. [Read more ...]

Boethius. 475-524. Roman translator of Aristotle. Neoplatonic. Stoic. Consolation of Philosophy 523 (while imprisoned). [Read more ...]

Boffrand, Germain. 1667-1754. French architect. Palais Bourbon 1710. [Read more ...]

Bogart, Humphrey. 1899-1957. US film star. Maltese Falcon 1941. Casablanca 1942. [Read more ...]

Bogomils. 9-15C. Slavic ascetic Christian cult. All matter created by the devil. [Read more ...]

Bohemia. Celts. 5-6C Slavs. 9C Unified. 1061 HRE. 10C + Moravia + Silesia + Galicia. 1158 Kingdom. 1526 Hapsburg. 1918 Czechoslovakia. 1939-45 German. 1993 Czech Republic. [Read more ...]

Böhme, Jakob. 1575-1624. German mystic. Explained world in terms of opposing elements. Aurora 1612. [Read more ...]

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