The Pocket Guide to World History

Zion. Originally a hill in Jerusalem. Now, symbol of Promised Land. [Read more ...]

Zionism. 1882-1947. Aspirations of a Jewish nation in Israel. Balfour Declaration. Herzl. [Read more ...]

Zionist World Congress. 1897. Defined Basel Program to establish Palestinian Homeland. Herzl. [Read more ...]

Ziyadids. 819-1018. Moslem dynasty in south Arabia. [Read more ...]

Ziyanids. 1235-1393. Algerian dynasty. [Read more ...]

Znaim Armistice. 1809. Napoleon and Archduke Charles. Wagram Battle. [Read more ...]

Zoar. 1817-98. Protestant commune in Ohio. [Read more ...]

Zoë. 978-1050. Byzantine Empress 1028-. Married and murdered Romanus III. Crowned lover Michael IV and son Michael V. Married Constantine IX. [Read more ...]

Zog I. 1895-1961. King of Albania 1928-39. Dependent on Mussolini. Deposed after Italy invaded. [Read more ...]

Zola, Emile. 1840-1902. French “scientific” novelist: Nana 1880. Dreyfus supporter. Realist. Founded Naturalist Movement. Thérèse Raquin 1867. J’accuse 1898. [Read more ...]

Zollverein. 1818-71. German economic agreements led by Prussia...German Customs Union 1834. First steps toward union. [Read more ...]

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