The Pocket Guide to World History

Zhdanov, Andrei. 1896-1948. Russian Politburo member. Created Cominform. Restricted Soviet cultural activities. [Read more ...]

Zhivkov, Todor. 1911-98. Bulgarian leader 1954-89. Loyal to Moscow. Confrontations with Yugoslavia. [Read more ...]

Zhukov, Georgi. 1896-1974. Russian Marshal 1943-6. [Read more ...]

Zia al-Huq, Mohammad. 1924-88. Pakistan president 1978-. Overthrew Bhutto. [Read more ...]

Ziegfeld, Florenz. 1869-1932. US producer of Follies 1907-. [Read more ...]

Ziggurat. 2200-500BC. Mesopotamian stepped pyramids. [Read more ...]

Zimbabwe. 11C Shona. 15C Karanga Empire. 16C Portugal explores. 1890 British South Africa Co. 1911 Southern Rhodesia. 1953 +Nyasaland. 1964 =Rhodesia. 1965 Declared indepence, international sanctions. 1979 Independent. =Zimbabwe. ZAPU. ZANU. Mugabe. [Read more ...]

Zimmerman Telegram. 1917. Germany suggests Mexican alliance if US enters war. Interception aroused public vs Germany. [Read more ...]

Zinoviev, Grigori. 1883-1936. Russian triumvir with Stalin, Kamenev 1919-26. Executed in Purge. COMINTERN chairman 1919-. [Read more ...]

Zinoviev Letter. 1924. From COMINTERN to London advising worker revolution. Labour defeated. [Read more ...]

Zinzendorf, Nikolaus. 1700-60. German Pietist. Founded Moravian church. [Read more ...]

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