The Pocket Guide to World History

Zoroaster. Zarathustra. c628-551BC. Persian religious reformer, founder of Zoroastrianism. World is an eternal struggle between forces of good and evil. [Read more ...]

Zoroastrianism. 550BC-650. Monotheistic, dualist national religion of Persia. =Parsiism. Zoroaster. [Read more ...]

Zosimus. 300. Alexandrian alchemist. [Read more ...]

Zouaves. 1831-71. French African infantry. Algeria. Crimean War. [Read more ...]

Zuccarelli, Francesco. 1702-88. Italian landscape artist. Influenced English. Florentine Royal Academy 1768. [Read more ...]

Zuiderzee. Netherlands. 13C. Floods caused by storms. 1927-32 Dam built. 1930s Land reclaimed. 1944 Flooded by Nazis. 1946 reclaimed. [Read more ...]

Zulu War. 1879. Resistance to Rhodes(British) expansion in South Africa quelled. [Read more ...]

Zululand. c1800 Mtetwa Empire. 1843 British. 1897 Natal. Boer War. [Read more ...]

Zurbaran, Francisco de. 1598-1664. Spanish religious Baroque tenebrist painter. Monk 1630. [Read more ...]

Zutphen, Battle. 1586. Spanish victory in Holland. [Read more ...]

Zwingli, Huldrych. 1484-1531. Swiss humanist and religious reformer. Zurich Reformation 1522. Urged priests to marry. Attacked Roman mass and worship of images. Swiss Evangelical Church. Killed in Kappel Wars. [Read more ...]

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