The Pocket Guide to World History

Zen Buddhism. 6C-. Sect founded by Bodhidharma. Sudden Enlightenment by meditation on Koan paradoxes. 1191 imported to Japan. [Read more ...]

Zend-Avesta. 3C BC. Zoroastrian bible. Avesta. [Read more ...]

Zenger, John. 1697-1746. US publisher. Libel acquittal based on being fact 1735, key to freedom of press. [Read more ...]

Zeno of Citium. c335-263BC. Greek founder of Stoicism. Early anarchist: “Compulsion perverts the nature of man”. [Read more ...]

Zeno of Elea. Paradox: Arrow can never reach its target because it progresses in ever decreasing fractions of distance remaining. ½,¼... First use of dialectic reasoning. [Read more ...]

Zenta, Battle. 1697. Austria defeats Turks, becomes greatest power in Europe. [Read more ...]

Zephyr. Greek mythological west wind. [Read more ...]

Zeppelin, Ferdinand von. 1838-1917. German constructor of dirigibles 1900-. 1928 Graf Zeppelin around world. Transatlantic service 1928-37. Hindenburg. [Read more ...]

Zerubbabel. c520BC. Jerusalem governor when 2nd Temple built. [Read more ...]

Zeus. Greek king of gods. = Jupiter. [Read more ...]

Zeuxis. c5C BC. Greek painter using shading to achieve realism. Birds preferred his grapes. [Read more ...]

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