The Pocket Guide to World History

Zara, Siege. 1202. Fourth Crusaders aid Venice attack rebelling Zadar. [Read more ...]

Zarathustra. Zoroaster. [Read more ...]

Zealots. Jewish sect. Led revolt vs Rome 66-70. Used terrorism, assassination of those friendly to Rome. Masada. [Read more ...]

Zeami Motokiyo. 1363-1443. Japanese No drama theorist, playwright. Kaden-sho 1400. [Read more ...]

Zedekiah. King of Judah 597-586BC. Defeated by Nebuchadnezzar. [Read more ...]

Zeebrugge, Raid. 1918. Allied attempt to block harbour, trapping German submarines, warships. [Read more ...]

Zeeman, Pieter. 1865-1943. Dutch physicist. Magnetic effect on light polarization. [Read more ...]

Zehrfuss. French architect: UNESCO bldg. [Read more ...]

Zeidler. Invented DDT 1874. Used as insecticide 1939-70. [Read more ...]

Zelaya, José. 1853-1919. Nicaraguan president 1894-1909. Attempted to unify Central America by force and revolution 1909. [Read more ...]

Zemstvo. 1864-1917. Russian provincial assemblies instituted by Alexander II. Liberal influence. [Read more ...]

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