The Pocket Guide to World History

Yom Kippur War. October War. [Read more ...]

Yonge, Charlotte. 1823-1901. English Victorian novelist: Heir of Radclyffe 1853. Daisy Chain 1856. Oxford Movement. [Read more ...]

York. Branch of the Anjou-Plantegenet family, Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III. War of Roses. [Read more ...]

York, Alvin. 1887-1964. US WWI hero. [Read more ...]

York Cathedral. 625 Original. 1070-1472 Current. [Read more ...]

Yorktown, Siege. 1781. British surrender to American and French forces. American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Young, Brigham. 1801-77. US Mormon leader 1844-. Founded Salt Lake City. Utah governor 1850-7. [Read more ...]

Young, Edward. 1683-1765. English poet, playwright. Complaint 1742-5. [Read more ...]

Young, Thomas. 1773-1829. English physicist. Wave interference of light 1801. [Read more ...]

Young Europe. 1834- Conspired to create democratic league of nations by assassination/demonstration. [Read more ...]

Young Germany. 1830-50. Literary movement vs Nationalism and Romanticism. Heine. Wienbarg. [Read more ...]

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