The Pocket Guide to World History

Yermak Timofeyevich. -1584. Cossack. Conquered Siberia for Russia. [Read more ...]

Yersin, Alexander. 1863-1943. Swiss/French. Developed serum for bubonic plague. [Read more ...]

Yevtushenko, Yevgeny. 1933-. Russian poet. Babiy Yar 1961. [Read more ...]

Yezhovshchina. 1936-8. Stalin’s Purge led by NKVD chief Yezhovshchina. [Read more ...]

Yggdrasill. Ash tree of existence, life and knowledge in Scandinavian legend. [Read more ...]

Yi. 1392-1910. Korean dynasty. Isolationist to 1876. Ended by Japanese annexation. [Read more ...]

Yiddish. 12C- European Jewish language from High German+Hebrew+Slavic. [Read more ...]

Yin. Chinese symbol of earth, dark, female, cold, passive, negative. Yang. [Read more ...]

YMCA. 1844. Founded by George Williams. [Read more ...]

Yoga. Hindu and Buddhist system of meditation, breathing and exercise to achieve spiritual enlightenment. [Read more ...]

Yogacara. 2C- Mahayana meditative Buddhism. Only consciousness is real. [Read more ...]

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