The Pocket Guide to World History

Young Italy. 1831-48 Mazzini movement to establish an Italian Republic. [Read more ...]

Young Plan. 1930. Fixed German WWI reparations at 37 billion gold marks to be paid by 1988. One payment made. [Read more ...]

Young Turk Movement. 1908. Overthrew Hamid II. [Read more ...]

Yourcenar, Marguerite. 1903-87. French writer; First woman in Académie Française. [Read more ...]

Ypres, Battles. 1914,15,17,18. German First use of poison gas, 1915. [Read more ...]

Ypsilanti, Alexander. 1792-1828. Greek. Led unsuccessful revolt vs Ottomans 1821. [Read more ...]

Ypsilanti, Constantine. 1760-1816. Greek governor of Moldavia. Encouraged Serbs to revolt. [Read more ...]

Yü the Great. -2197BC. Legendary founder of First Chinese dynasty, Hsia. [Read more ...]

Yüan. 1279-1368. Chinese Mongol dynasty founded by Kublai Khan. Grand Canal. Postal system. Marco Polo. [Read more ...]

Yüan Shih-kai. 1859-1916. First president of Chinese Republic 1912-. Attempts to establish a new dynasty failed. Warlords. [Read more ...]

Yugoslavia. Balkans. 1918 Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes. 1929 =Yugoslavia. 1929-31 Dictatorship. 1941-45 Italy, Germany occupy. 1945 Socialist Federation of Republics. 1948 Broke Soviet ties. 1991 -Croatia, Slovenia, Civil war. Serbia. Croatia. Bosnia-Hercegovina. Slovenia. Macedonia. Montenegro. Tito. Kosovo. [Read more ...]

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