The Pocket Guide to World History

Yancey, William. 1814-63. US pro-slavery secession leader. American Civil War. [Read more ...]

Yang. Chinese symbol of heaven, light, male, positive, active. Yin. [Read more ...]

Yarmuk River, Battle. 636. Arabs defeat Byzantines, dominate Syria. [Read more ...]

Yazoo Land Fraud. 1795. Georgia sells Mississippi to 4 companies for $500K. Legislators all shareholders. Rescinded as unconstitutional 1796. [Read more ...]

Yeats, William. 1865-1939. Irish nationalist poet/dramatist: Wild Swans 1917. Deirdre. Tower 1928. Winding Stair 1933. Modernism. [Read more ...]

Yellow Hats. 14C. Monastic Tibetan Buddhist sect. Ruled 1642-1950. Dalai Lama. [Read more ...]

Yellow Turban Rebellion. 184-204. Chinese secret society vs Emperor. Fall of Han dynasty. Ts’ao Ts’ao. [Read more ...]

Yemen. ~10CBC Minaean, Saba’, Qataban, Himyarite Kingdoms. 1C Jews settle. 4C Christians settle. 525 Abyssinia. 575 Persia. 7C Moslem. 9C ’Alid Zaydi dynasty. 1173 Ayyubid. c1229 Rasulid. 1517 Ottoman. 1962 Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen). 1990 Merged with c100BC Himyarite. 1229 Rasulis. 1635 Zaydi. 1735 Divided South: 1802 British protection. 1839 British East India Company. 1937 Aden British Protectorate. 1963 Federation of South Arabia. 1967 People’s Republic of Yemen. 1735 North: 1872 Ottoman. 1920 Tribal. 1962 Yemen Arab Republic 1990 merged=Yemen. [Read more ...]

Yeoman. English class between labourers and gentry. [Read more ...]

Yeomen of the Guard. 1485 British Monarch’s bodyguard. Beef Eaters, Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London, 1669-. [Read more ...]

Yerba Buena. 1776-1846. Spanish mission...San Francisco. [Read more ...]

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