The Pocket Guide to World History

Xenophon. 431-350BC. Greek general/historian. Expedition of Ten Thousand. Anabasis. Hellenica. [Read more ...]

Xerxes I. 519-465BC. King of Persia, invaded Attica. Victor at Thermopylae. Salamis defeat preserved Greek independence. Crossed Hellespont 480BC. [Read more ...]

Xian Incident. 1936. Chiang Kai-shek captured and forced to unite with Communists to fight Japanese. [Read more ...]

XYZ Affair. 1797. US attack French ships after refusing to bribe ministers. Settled 1800. French Revolutionary Wars. [Read more ...]

Yahweh. Name of God, revealed to Moses as YHWH...Jehovah. [Read more ...]

Yakima Indian Wars. 1855-8. Indians resist move to reservations. Defeated by US troops. [Read more ...]

Yalta Conference. 1945. Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin. Decided partition of Europe after WWII. USSR enters war vs Japan. Potsdam. San Francisco Peace. [Read more ...]

Yamagata Aritomo. 1838-1922. Japanese statesman. Modernized army. [Read more ...]

Yamamoto Isoroku. 1884-1943. Japanese admiral. Led Pearl Harbor attack 1941. [Read more ...]

Yamasee War. 1715-16. American natives revolt vs English settlers. Dispersed. [Read more ...]

Yamashita Tomoyuki. 1885-1946. Japanese commander in Philippines. Conquered Singapore, Bataan March. Executed. [Read more ...]

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