The Pocket Guide to World History

Wycherley, William. 1640-1716. English satirical Restoration dramatist: Country Wife 1675. Plain Dealer 1676. [Read more ...]

Wyclif(fe), John. c1330-84. English religious reformer. Lollard leader. Advocated religion from within rather than mechanical practice. Began First English translation of bible. [Read more ...]

Wyeth, Andrew. 1917-. US realist painter. Christina’s World 1948. [Read more ...]

Wyoming. 1869 First US territory to give women vote. 1925 First US woman governor. [Read more ...]

Wyoming Massacre. 1778. British Loyalists, Indians attack American settlement while men away in Washington’s army. 360 women, children killed. [Read more ...]

Xanadu. (To-lun). 1256. Mongol Kublai Khan’s summer capital. [Read more ...]

Xanthippe. c5C BC. Socrates’ carping wife. [Read more ...]

Xanthos, Sieges. Lycians defend against: 546BC Persians. 43BC Romans. Residents commit mass suicide both times. Asia Minor. [Read more ...]

Xavier, St. Francis. 1506-52. One of First Jesuits. Apostle to Asia 1540-. [Read more ...]

Xenocrates. 394-314BC. Greek philosopher. Head of Plato’s Academy. [Read more ...]

Xenophanes. c560-478BC. Greek poet. Founded Eleatics. Change is an illusion. Monotheist. [Read more ...]

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