The Pocket Guide to World History

Whittington, Richard. 1358-1423. London Lord Mayor. Legend of merchant selling his cat for fortune to rat- plagued Moroccan ruler, he marries merchant’s daughter, becomes Lord Mayor. [Read more ...]

Whittle, Frank. 1903-96. British. Invented jet aircraft 1930 First flown 1941. [Read more ...]

Whymper, Edward. 1840-1911. English climber. First to climb Matterhorn, 1865. [Read more ...]

Widerkind. -807. Saxon leader vs Charlemagne 778. [Read more ...]

Wieland, Christoph. 1733-1813. German Rococo poet. Oberon 1780. [Read more ...]

Wiener, Norbert. 1894-1964. US founder of science of cybernetics 1948. [Read more ...]

Wiesel, Elie. 1928-. Romanian Holocaust victim, author. After the Darkness 2002. Foundation for Humanity. . [Read more ...]

Wiggin, Kate. 1856-1923. US author. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. [Read more ...]

Wilberforce, William. 1759-1833. English campaigner vs slave trade. [Read more ...]

Wilde, Oscar. 1854-1900. Irish writer. Imprisoned for homosexuality. “Art for art’s sake”. Dorian Gray 1891. Importance of Being Earnest 1895. Ballad of Reading Gaol 1898. [Read more ...]

Wilder, Thornton. 1897-1975. US playwright. Bridge of San Luis Rey 1927. Our Town 1938. [Read more ...]

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