The Pocket Guide to World History

Wilderness Road. 1790-1840. Settlers’ route from Virginia to Kentucky. [Read more ...]

Wilfrid, St. 634-709. Bishop of York 665-. Urged Roman usages at Whitby Synod. [Read more ...]

Wilhelmina. 1880-1962. Queen of Netherlands 1890-1948. [Read more ...]

Wilkes, Charles. 1798-1877. US Commander, Antarctic explorer. Caused Trent Affair. [Read more ...]

Wilkes, John. 1725-97. English journalist, MP, rake. Free press champion. Essays on Women 1764. Expelled and reelected MP. [Read more ...]

Wilkie, David. 1785-1841. English portrait painter. [Read more ...]

Willard. Gamma rays 1900. [Read more ...]

William I. (Wilhelm) 1797-1888. Hohenzollern King of Prussia 1861-. German Empire. 1871-. Supportedf Bismarck vs Austria and France. [Read more ...]

William I. The Conqueror. c1027-87. Norman conquest of England, 1066. Defeated Harold II at Hastings. Ordered Domesday Survey 1085. Built Tower of London 1086. Imported feudal system. [Read more ...]

William I. The Silent. 1533-84. Prince of Orange. Dutch leader of Protestant revolt against Philip II of Spain. Founded dynasty to today. Netherlands. [Read more ...]

William II. (Wilhelm). 1859-1941. German Emperor 1888-1918. Dismissed Bismarck. Sought world leadership. Precipitated WWI. Abdicated. -“I rule by God’s grace”. [Read more ...]

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