The Pocket Guide to World History

White House. 1792 US president’s Neoclassical residence by Hoban. Burned by British, 1814. [Read more ...]

White Lotus Rebellion. 1796-1804. China. Buddhists vs Manchu. Suppressed. Showed Ch’ing decline. [Read more ...]

White Mountain, Battle. 1620. First battle of Thirty Years War. Catholic League defeats Bohemian nobles. [Read more ...]

White Plains, Battle. 1776. Washington retreats before British advance. [Read more ...]

White Revolution. 1950-79. Iran land reform movement of Shah ended by Islamic Revolution. [Read more ...]

White Terror. 1815. Against Jacobins and Bonapartists. [Read more ...]

White Volunteer Army. 1917-18. Unsuccessfully opposed Bolsheviks. [Read more ...]

Whitlam, Gough. 1916-. Australian Labour Prime Minister 1972-5. Quit Vietnam War. Dismissed by Governor General. Reduced immigration restrictions. White Australia. [Read more ...]

Whitman, Walt. 1819-92. US freedom poet: Leaves of Grass 1855. Democratic Vistas 1871. [Read more ...]

Whitney, Eli. 1765-1825. US inventor. Cotton gin, 1793. Mass production with interchangeable parts 1801. [Read more ...]

Whittier, John. 1807-92. US Quaker, Abolitionist poet: Maud Muller 1854. Snow Bound 1866. [Read more ...]

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