The Pocket Guide to World History

Wegener, Alfred. 1880-1930. Theory of Continental Drift 1910. [Read more ...]

Wehlau, Treaty. 1657. Poland renounces suzerainty over Prussia. [Read more ...]

Wei. 220-80. Southern China dynasty. Conquered Shu Han 264, Wu 280. [Read more ...]

Weil, Simone. 1909-43. French mystic philosopher. Gravity and Grace 1947. [Read more ...]

Weill, Kurt. 1900-50. German surrealist satirical opera composer. Socio-political operas of great influence on future composers. ThreePenny Opera 1928 with Brecht. Happy End 1929. [Read more ...]

Weimar Republic. 1919-33. Post WWI Germany. Hyperinflation, unemployment, instability. Rise of Nazism. [Read more ...]

Weismann, August. 1834-1914. German. Germ-plasm theory of heredity. [Read more ...]

Weizmann, Chaim. 1874-1952. Russian/Polish Zionist. First President of Israel 1949-52. [Read more ...]

Welfs. 12C dynasty in Bavaria and Saxony defeated by Hohenstaufen. Guelfs. [Read more ...]

Welles, Orson. 1915-85. US filmmaker. Citizen Kane 1941. [Read more ...]

Wellesley, Richard. 1760-1842. British Governor General to India 1798-1805. Expanded British power. Wellington’s brother. [Read more ...]

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