The Pocket Guide to World History

Wellington, Duke of. 1769-1852. English general, victor at Waterloo. Prime Minister 1828-30. [Read more ...]

Wells, H. G. 1866-1946. English Science Fiction fantasy and social novelist. Time Machine 1895; War of the Worlds 1898. [Read more ...]

Wells, Henry. 1805-78. US founder of express company, 1848. American Express 1850. Wells Fargo 1852. [Read more ...]

Wenceslas. 1361-1419. German king 1378-1400. Deposed. King of Bohemia 1378-. Hussite Wars. [Read more ...]

Wenceslaus, St. 907-29. Patron saint of Czechs. Murdered by brother Boleslav I. [Read more ...]

Wendover, Roger of. English historian. Flores Historiarum 1235 recorded Godiva’s ride. [Read more ...]

Wends. Sorbs. Slavic tribes of Pomerania, east Germany. [Read more ...]

Wergeland, Henrick. 1808-45. Norwegian Nationalist writer. Creation 1830. [Read more ...]

Wertheimer, Max. 1880-1943. German/US. Studies of perception influenced Gestalt psychology. Köhler. [Read more ...]

Wesley, John. 1703-91. English founder of Methodism 1729. Direct preaching, often outdoors, to reach the uneducated working class. Sunday schools. [Read more ...]

Wessex. 495- Anglo-Saxon kingdom in south England. 829 +Mercia. 927 Conquered Danes to rule England. Ethelred. Alfred. Athelstan. [Read more ...]

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