The Pocket Guide to World History

Weather Forecasts. 1860. First regularly issued by British Admiralty Office. [Read more ...]

Webb, Matthew. 1848-83. English. First to swim across English Channel, 1875. [Read more ...]

Webb, Sidney. 1859-1947. Beatrice. 1858-1943. British Fabian Socialists. Founded London School of Economics, New Statesman 1913. [Read more ...]

Weber, Anton. 1883-1945. “Pointilist” composer. Early user of 12-note method. [Read more ...]

Weber, Carl von. 1786-1826. German Romantic opera composer. Oberon 1826. [Read more ...]

Weber, Max. 1864-1920. German sociologist. Prostestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism 1930. [Read more ...]

Webster, Daniel. 1782-1852. Noted US orator, nationalist. Founded Whigs. [Read more ...]

Webster, Noah. 1758-1843. US lexicographer. Simplified American spelling. Speller 1783. Dictionary 1828. [Read more ...]

Webster-Ashburton, Treaty. 1842. Britain, US settle Eastern US-Canada border, suppress slave trade. [Read more ...]

Wedgwood, Josiah. 1730-95. English potter, developed new style, 1763. Automation, 1769, begins Industrial Revolution. [Read more ...]

Wedmore, Treaty. 878. Alfred the Great, Danes divide England. [Read more ...]

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