The Pocket Guide to World History

Watergate. 1972-4. US political scandal over burglary of Democratic headquarters. Cover up led to Nixon’s resignation. [Read more ...]

Waterloo, Battle. 1815. Final defeat of Napoleon by Wellington and Blücher. [Read more ...]

Waters, Muddy. 1915-83. US Rhythm and Blues singer. Inspired Rolling Stones. [Read more ...]

Watling Street. Roman road from London to NW England. Part still in use. [Read more ...]

Watson, James. 1928-. US discoverer of DNA structure 1953 with Crick. [Read more ...]

Watson, John. 1878-1958. Founded Behaviourism 1914. Separated psychology from philosophy. [Read more ...]

Watt, James. 1736-1819. Scottish engineer, perfected steam engine, 1769. Defined horsepower. Rotating engine 1781. [Read more ...]

Watt, Watson. Invented radar, 1935. [Read more ...]

Watteau, Antoine. 1684-1721. French painter known for color and naturalism. Embarcation for Cythera 1717. [Read more ...]

Wattignies, Battle. 1793. Inexperienced French army defeats professional Austrians. French Revolution. [Read more ...]

Waugh, Evelyn. 1903-66. English satirical writer: Brideshead Revisited 1945. [Read more ...]

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