The Pocket Guide to World History

Warren, Robert. 1905-89. US Fugitive novelist. All the King’s Men 1946. [Read more ...]

Warring States. 481-221BC. Chinese period of many small feuding kingdoms. [Read more ...]

Warsaw. 1596 Polish capital. 1655 Sweden destroys. 1795 Prussia. 1807 Napoleon creates Duchy. 1813 Russia. 1815 Kingdom of Poland. 1939-45 Germany occupies. [Read more ...]

Warsaw Pact. 1955-91. USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, E Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania. Treaty for the combined defence of Eastern Europe under Soviet supreme command. [Read more ...]

Warsaw Uprising. 1830-1. Czartoryski attempt to oust Russians crushed. 1944. Polish underground army defeats Germans but Soviet delay allows German reinforcements to defeat Poles, destroying potential opposition to later Soviet control. [Read more ...]

Warwick, Earl of. 1428-71. “The Kingmaker”-. Helped York Edward IV, then restored Lancaster Henry VI. [Read more ...]

Washington, Booker T. 1856-1915. US black educator: Up from Slavery 1901. [Read more ...]

Washington, George. 1732-99. American Revolution commander, First US President. [Read more ...]

Washington, Treaty. 1871. Britain/US recognize Canada, regulate Great Lakes navigation. [Read more ...]

Washington Conference. 1921-2. Naval arms limitation treaty. Four Power Pacific Treaty: US, Japan, Britain, France. [Read more ...]

Watches. 15C invented in Germany. Nuremberg Eggs. [Read more ...]

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