The Pocket Guide to World History

Walton, Izaak. 1593-1683. English author. Compleat Angler 1653. [Read more ...]

Walton, William. 1902-83. British composer influenced by Jazz, Elgar, Stravinsky. [Read more ...]

Wandiwash, Battle. 1760. British defeat French at Madras. French leave India. [Read more ...]

Wang Ching-wei. 1883-1944. Chiang Kai-shek rival. Governor of Japanese China 1938-44. [Read more ...]

Wang Wei. 699-759. Chinese poet, landscape painter. [Read more ...]

Wang Yang-ming. 1472-1529. Chinese Idealist neo-Confucianist philosopher. [Read more ...]

War of 1812. Anglo-American War. [Read more ...]

Warbeck, Perkin. 1474-99. Flemish. Posed as Richard, Duke of York, pretender to the English throne. Executed. [Read more ...]

Warhol, Andy. 1925-87. US Pop artist. Campbell’s Soup Cans 200 1962. Marilyn 1967. [Read more ...]

Warlords. 1916-49. China generals seized local power on Yüan Shih-K’ai’s death. Last eliminated by communists. [Read more ...]

Warren, Earl. 1891-1974. US Chief Justice 1953-69. Decisions on segregation, accused rights. Led inquiry into John F. Kennedy assassination. Concluded Oswald acted alone. [Read more ...]

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