The Pocket Guide to World History

Voting Rights Act. 1965. US eliminates tests that disqualified black voters. [Read more ...]

Vries, Hugo de. 1848-1935. Dutch botanist. Heredity and mutation. Mutation Theory 1910. [Read more ...]

Vuillard, Édouard. 1868-1940. French Nabis Intimist artist. Interiors. Woman Sweeping 1892. [Read more ...]

Vulcan. Roman god of destruction, fire, weapons. = Hephaestos. [Read more ...]

Vulgate. 405. Official Latin translation of Bible by St Jerome. First printed 1455. [Read more ...]

Vyshinsky, Andrei. 1883-1954. Russian statesman, prosecutor for Purge trials. [Read more ...]

Wade-Davis Bill. 1864. Strict terms for US Reconstruction vetoed by Lincoln. [Read more ...]

Wafd. 1918-52. Egyptian nationalist party. Dissolved by Revolution. [Read more ...]

Wager of Battle. Trial by Combat. 8C-1817. Norse custom in England. Accused challenges accuser to combat-acquitted if he refuses. [Read more ...]

Wagner, Richard. 1813-83. German Romantic opera composer/librettist. Leitmotif. Unified drama and music in long and complex operas. Tannhäuser 1845. Lohengrin 1850. Nibelung Ring 1853-76. Tristan and Isolde 1857-9. Parsifal 1882. [Read more ...]

Wagram, Battle. 1809. Napoleon defeats Austrian Archduke Charles. Znaim. Schönbrunn Treaty. [Read more ...]

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