The Pocket Guide to World History

Volsci. -338BC. Italian peoples conquered by Rome. [Read more ...]

Volstead Act. 1919-33. Enforced US Prohibition. [Read more ...]

Volta, Alessandro. 1745-1827. Italian physicist: electric battery 1800. [Read more ...]

Voltaire, François. 1694-1778. French philosopher vs tyranny, bigotry, cruelty. Challenged accepted beliefs. Quotations became revolutionary slogans. Lettres Philosophique 1734. Candide 1758. [Read more ...]

Volunteers, Departure of. 1792. Sang Marseillaise. [Read more ...]

V-1, V-2. 1944. WWII German missiles vs Britain, Belgium. V=Vergeltung(Revenge). 8,000 V-1s. 1300 V-2s. Basis for future space research. [Read more ...]

Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. 1922-. US satirical novelist, social critic. Player Piano 1952. Slaughterhouse Five 1969. [Read more ...]

Voodoo. Carribean religious cult of ritual and magic. Synthesis of African rites and French Roman Catholicism. [Read more ...]

Voroshilov, Kliment. 1881-1969. Soviet Head of State 1953-60. [Read more ...]

Vorticism. 1900-20. Art movement of mechanical forms and angles. Lewis. Gaudier-Brzeska. [Read more ...]

Vosges, Place de. 1605-12. Paris’ oldest square. [Read more ...]

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