The Pocket Guide to World History

Wahabi. 18-19C. Militant Moslem Arab Puritan sect. Fought Porte 1813-15. Invaded Kuwait 1919,27,28; repulsed with British help. 2001 World Trade Center. Taliban. [Read more ...]

Wailing Wall, Battle. 1929. Jews battle Moslems. [Read more ...]

Wairau Affray. 1843. Maori kill 22 English Settlers in New Zealand. Maori Wars. [Read more ...]

Wait. 13C-. City night watchman with pipe or trumpet. [Read more ...]

Waìtangi, Treaty. 1840. Britain annexes New Zealand from Maori. [Read more ...]

Wakefield, Battle. 1460. War of Roses. 1643 English Civil War. [Read more ...]

Wakley. Founded Lancet (British medical journal), 1823. [Read more ...]

Waksman, Selman. 1888-1973. Ukraine/US Streptomycin 1943. [Read more ...]

Walachia. 1290 Vlachs settle. 1417 Ottoman suzerainty. 1774 Russia. 1859 +Moldavia =Romania. [Read more ...]

Waldenses. 1170-. Austere heretical Christian sect. Founded by Waldo at Lyons. Persecuted in France, Italy, England. [Read more ...]

Waldheim, Kurt. 1918-. Austrian. UN Secretary General 1972-82. Austrian president 1986-92. German officer WWII. [Read more ...]

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