The Pocket Guide to World History

Vitalism. Bergson’s theory of evolution. Life force differentiates living things from others. Aristotle. [Read more ...]

Vitoria. 1813. Wellington victory, liberated Spain from France. Peninsular War. [Read more ...]

Vitruvius. 1C BC. Roman architect, writer. De architectura 27BC. [Read more ...]

Vitry, Philippe de. 1291-1361. French composer, codified rules of composition. Ars Nova 1320. [Read more ...]

Vivaldi, Antonio. 1678-1741. Venetian violinist, Baroque composer. Standard concerto pattern; more than 500 concertos. Four Seasons 1725. [Read more ...]

Vivian. Wanton. Captured Merlin in Arthurian legend. [Read more ...]

Vizier. 14-20C. Ottoman top minister of state. [Read more ...]

Vlachs. 2C-. Latin inhabitants of Dacia. [Read more ...]

Vladimir I, St. 956-1015. First Christian Russian ruler. Ordered people to convert. [Read more ...]

Vo Nguyen Giap. 1912-. Viet Minh commander 1946-54, 1966-75. Minister of Defence 1954-. Tet Offensive. Defeated Japanese 1942-5, French 1946-54, US 66-76. [Read more ...]

Volkssturm. 1944. German home defence force. [Read more ...]

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