The Pocket Guide to World History

Virgin Is. US Virgin Is. [Read more ...]

Virginia. Algonkian, Sioux, Iroquoia. 1587 British settle Roanoke Colony. 1607 First successful colony. 1619 Slaves brought. 1776 Independent. USA. [Read more ...]

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. 1798,9. States protest Alien +Sedition Acts limiting freedoms. Nullification. [Read more ...]

Virginia Company. London. 1606-24. To colonize North America. Founded Jamestown 1607. [Read more ...]

Virginia Declaration of Rights. 1776. Model for US Bill of Rights. [Read more ...]

Virginius Affair. 1873. Spain siezes US flagged Cuban ship, Virginius. Executes 53 for smuggling arms to Cuba during Ten Years War. Indemnity paid to US, Great Britain. [Read more ...]

Viriathus. -c139BC. Lusitanian herdsman. Led successful revolt vs Rome c147-139BC. [Read more ...]

Visconti. 1311-1450. Milanese noble family. [Read more ...]

Viscount. 4th rank of British peerage, below earl. [Read more ...]

Vishnu. Hindu god. Preserver of world and moral order. [Read more ...]

Visigoths. 376-711. Western Goths. Alaric sacked Rome 410. Defeated at Vouillé by Clovis 510. Settled Spain, southern France 415-711. Destroyed by Moors 711. [Read more ...]

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