The Pocket Guide to World History

Vatican. 1146 Palace begun. 1377 Principal Papal residence. 11,000 rooms; world’s largest residence. 1929 Sovereign. Lateran Treaty. [Read more ...]

Vatican City. 1929 State established by Lateran Treaty. [Read more ...]

Vatican Councils. 1870 Papal Infallibility. 1962 Modified liturgy. Ecumenicalism. [Read more ...]

Vauban, Sébastien de. 1633-1707. French military engineer. Invented trenches 1673, socket bayonet 1688. [Read more ...]

Vaucreuil, Cavagnal, Marquis de. 1698-1765. Governor of New France. Surrendered to Britain 1760. Seven Years War. [Read more ...]

Vaughan Williams, Ralph. 1872-1958. English Nationalist composer of symphonies, ballads, songs. Combined folk idiom with 16C polyphony. Sea 1910. Pastoral Symphony 1922. [Read more ...]

Vauquelin. Chromium 1797. Beryllium 1798. [Read more ...]

VE Day. May 7, 1945. Folowed German surrender signed May 7 in Reims. [Read more ...]

Veblen, Thorstein. 1857-1929. US sociologist. Theory of the Leisure Class 1899-“conspicuous consumption”. [Read more ...]

Veche. 10C-1510. Russian democratic city council abolished by Mongols. [Read more ...]

Vedanta. Philosophy of Hinduism from 6C BC Upanishads. Developed by Sankara 7C and Ramanuja 11C. [Read more ...]

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