The Pocket Guide to World History

Varangian Guard. 977-15C. Byzantine infantry recruited from Scandinavia and later England. [Read more ...]

Varangians. ‘Rus’. 9-10C. Norse conquerors of Russia, hence name. [Read more ...]

Varèse, Edgard. 1883-1965. French composer of dissonant electronic music. Hyperprism 1923. [Read more ...]

Vargas, Getúlio. 1883-1954. Dictatorial Brazilian president by revolution 1930-45, 51-. Modernization. [Read more ...]

Varna, Battles. 1444 Ottoman Turks defeat Hungarians, expand to Balkans. 1828 Russians defeat Turks. [Read more ...]

Varro, Marcus. 116-27BC. Prolific Roman scholar, satirist. 600 books. “Know thyself”. [Read more ...]

Vasa. 1523-1818. Swedish dynasty. Ruled Poland 1587-1668. Dominated 17C Baltic. [Read more ...]

Vasa. 1628. Swedish warship sank in harbour before maiden voyage. [Read more ...]

Vasarely, Victor. 1908-97. Hungarian/French Op art kinetic painter. [Read more ...]

Vasari, Giorgio. 1511-74. Italian Mannerist painter, architect, writer. Coined term Renaissance. Painters Lives 1550. Uffizi Palace architect. [Read more ...]

Vassal. Feudal holder of a fief in exchange for services. [Read more ...]

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