The Pocket Guide to World History

Vedas. 15C BC. Sacred texts of Hinduism. Upanishads. [Read more ...]

Vega Carpio, Lope Felix de. 1562-1635. “Father” of Spanish drama. 1800 plays. Italian form to Spanish poetry. [Read more ...]

Vehmgericht. 14-15C. German tribunals. [Read more ...]

Velasco Agreement. 1835. Santa Anna grants Texas independence. [Read more ...]

Velázquez, Diego. 1599-1660. Spanish Naturalist court painter. Old Woman Frying Eggs 1618. Coronation of the Virgin 1641. Philip IV 1644. Surrender of Breda. Borrachos. Venus and Mirror 1655. [Read more ...]

Velikovsky, Immanuel. 1895-1979. Russian/US writer of controversial scientific theories. Worlds in Collision 1950. [Read more ...]

Velleda. German druidess, prophet under Vespasian. [Read more ...]

Vellore Mutiny. 1806. Indians resenting removal of caste markings kill 130 British soldiers. [Read more ...]

Vendée, Wars. French Royalist uprisings of 1793,4,9, 1815,32. [Read more ...]

Vendôme Column. Paris. 1805. Has had statues of Napoleon as Caesar, Henry IV, a Fleur-de-lys, Napoleon in uniform, and now a copy of the original. [Read more ...]

Venetia. Venetii. 2C BC Rome. 5C Huns invade. 697 Republic of Venice. [Read more ...]

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