The Pocket Guide to World History

Van Eyck, Jan. Eyck. [Read more ...]

Van Gogh, Vincent. 1853-90. Dutch expressionist painter. Passionate intensity revealed in colors. Sunflowers. Potato Eaters 1885. Starry Night 1889. Wheat Fields. Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear 1889. [Read more ...]

Van Goyen, Jan. 1596-1656. Dutch landcape painter of familiar, commonplace. [Read more ...]

Van Loo, Carl. 1705-65. French Rococo portrait painter. [Read more ...]

Van Rensselaer, Stephen. 1764-1839. US politician. Key to Erie Canal. [Read more ...]

Vanbrugh, John. 1664-1726. English Restoration dramatist, Baroque architect: Castle Howard 1702. Blenheim Palace 1705. [Read more ...]

Vancouver, George. 1757-98. English explorer to British Columbia 1791-4. [Read more ...]

Vandals. Germans fleeing Huns, invaded Gaul, Spain 409 and Africa 429-534. Sacked Rome 455. Arians, persecuted other Christians. Routed by Byzantines 533. [Read more ...]

Vanderbilt. 19C US Railroad magnate family. Founded university. [Read more ...]

Vanderlyn, John. 1775-1852. US Neoclassical artist. Ariadne 1812. [Read more ...]

Vanuatu. New Hebrides. 1980 Independent. [Read more ...]

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