The Pocket Guide to World History

Valla, Lorenzo. 1407-57. Italian Humanist scholar. Exposed Donation of Constantine, 1440. [Read more ...]

Vallee, Rudy. 1901-86. US. First pop music star. [Read more ...]

Valley Forge. 1777-8. Training camp of Washington’s Continental Army. [Read more ...]

Valmy. Last French navy sailing ship. [Read more ...]

Valmy, Battle. 1792. French revolutionaries defeat Austria-Prussia invasion. [Read more ...]

Valois. 1328-1589. Second Capetian French dynasty. Tudor. [Read more ...]

Van Buren, Martin. 1782-1862. US president 1837-41. Independent treasury, US neutrality. Barnburner. Called “Little Magician” for his political dexterity. [Read more ...]

Van de Graaff, Robert. 1901-67. US physicist. Particle accelerator 1929. High voltage generator 1932. [Read more ...]

Van der Goes. Goes. [Read more ...]

Van der Weyden. Weyden. [Read more ...]

Van Dyck, Anthony. 1599-1641. Flemish portrait painter. Subjects showed dignity, elegance. Charles I 1635. [Read more ...]

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