The Pocket Guide to World History

Vaisnavism. 7C BC Hindu sect. Worship Vishnu as Krishna and Rama. [Read more ...]

Val-de-Grace. Paris. 1645-1667. Built by Anne of Austria to thank God for birth of Louis XIV after 23 childless years of marriage. Mansart. [Read more ...]

Valdemar I. 1131-82. King of Denmark 1157-. Conquered Norway. Allied with Sweden, France, Holy Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Valdemar IV. Atterdag. 1320-75. Danish king 1340-. Re-united Denmark. Opposed Hanseatic League. Sold Estonia to Teutonic Knights. [Read more ...]

Valdivia, Pedro de. 1498-1554. Spanish conqueror of Chile, 1450. Founded Santiago. [Read more ...]

Valens. 328-78. East Roman Emperor 364-. Killed at Adrianople. [Read more ...]

Valentine, St. c270. 2 Christians martyred by Claudius II. Modern celebration derives from Roman Lupercalia fertility festival. [Read more ...]

Valentinian III. 419-55. Roman Emperor 425-. Lost Africa to Vandals, Gaul to Huns. [Read more ...]

Valéry, Paul. 1871-1945. French poet. La Jeune Parque 1917. [Read more ...]

Valhalla. Scandinavian banquet hall for slain warriors. Odin. [Read more ...]

Valkyries. Sisters of Odin, choosers of the doomed in battle. [Read more ...]

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