The Pocket Guide to World History

Utraquists. 15C. Moderate Bohemian Hussite sect; most re-absorbed by Roman Catholic Church 1620. Moravian Church. [Read more ...]

Utrecht, Treaties. 1713-14. Ended War of Spanish Succession. Austria gains Netherlands. France cedes Newfoundland, Hudson’s Bay, Nova Scotia to England. Spain cedes Gibraltar, Minorca to England. [Read more ...]

Utrecht, Union of. 1579. United Provinces alliance created vs Spanish rule in Netherlands. [Read more ...]

Utrillo, Maurice. 1883-1955. Montmartre painter. Sacre Coeur 1937. White Period 1908-14. [Read more ...]

U-2 Incident. 1960. US spy plane shot down over USSR. Summit cancelled. Pilot Powers traded for Russian spy Abel 1962. [Read more ...]

Uxmal. c600. Mayan city. Abandoned 1450. Mayapan. [Read more ...]

Uzbekistan. Bactria. 711 Arabs. 1220 Golden Horde brings Uzbeks. 1494 Shaybanids. 1875 Russia. 1924 USSR. 1991 Independent. CIS. [Read more ...]

Uzbeks. Siberian Turkic-Mongol peoples with Golden Horde from Siberia. Uzbekistan. [Read more ...]

Uzziah. -c735BC. King of Judah 791-739BC. Defeated Philistines. Died of leprosy, punishment for pride. [Read more ...]

Vagrancy Acts. England. 1459 Authorized imprisonment. 1530 whipping. 1535 mutilation. 1597 included entertainers. 1713 branding prohibited. [Read more ...]

Vairagin. Hindu ascetic worshippers of Vishnu. [Read more ...]

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