The Pocket Guide to World History

United States of America. USA. 40,000-20,000BC Asians settle. 1492-1776 Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Britain colonize. 1776 American Revolution. 1783 Thirteen Colonies independent. Manifest Destiny. 1845 +Texas. 1848 +California. 1867 +Alaska. 1898 +Hawaii, Puerto Rico. [Read more ...]

Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 1948. United Nations list of rights to be accorded people by their governments. Rejected by USSR, China, Poland, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, many Moslem countries. Signed by Russia, 1996. [Read more ...]

Universities. 968 Cordova. 9C Salerno. 1116 Bologna. 12C Oxford. 1209 Cambridge. 1215 Paris. 1636 Harvard. [Read more ...]

Unkiar Skelessi, Treaty. 1833-41. Russia/Ottoman mutual defence alliance. Straits Convention. [Read more ...]

Unverdorben, Otto. 1806-73. Aniline dyes from indigo 1826. [Read more ...]

Upanishads. 1000-600BC. Elaboration of Vedas dealing with nature of reality. [Read more ...]

Updike, John. 1932-. US writer. Rabbit Run 1960. The Centaur 1963. [Read more ...]

Upper Canada. 1791-1841. 1841 «Province of Canada. 1867 =Ontario. [Read more ...]

Upper Volta. Burkina Faso. [Read more ...]

Ur. 4000BC Sumerian city on Euphrates River. Mesopotamian capital 26~21C BC. [Read more ...]

Urania. Greek muse of astronomy. [Read more ...]

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