The Pocket Guide to World History

Uranus. Early Greek personification of the heavens. Father of Titans. [Read more ...]

Urartu. 13-7C BC Kingdom in eastern Turkey. Conquered by Sargon. c600BC Armenians. [Read more ...]

Urban II. 1035-95. Pope 1088-. Forbade clergy to pay homage to temporal powers. Crusades. [Read more ...]

Urban V. 1310-70. Avignon pope. Returned to Rome temporarily 1367-70. [Read more ...]

Urban VI. 1318-89. Avignon pope 1378-. Caused Schism. [Read more ...]

Urban VIII. 1568-1644. Pope 1623-. Supported France in Thirty Years War. [Read more ...]

Urdu. Official language of Pakistan. [Read more ...]

Urey, Harold. 1893-1981. US physicist. Isolated deuterium 1931. Heavy water needed for atomic bomb. [Read more ...]

Urquiza, Justo de. 1801-70. Overthrew dictator, de Rosas. Argentine Confederation president 1854-60. [Read more ...]

Ursula, St. 4C. Martyred by Huns with 11,000 virgins. [Read more ...]

Ursulines. 1535. Roman Catholic order founded by Angela Merci for the education of women. [Read more ...]

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