The Pocket Guide to World History

Unitarianism. 1546. Christian doctrine of Socinus denying Trinity. God is one indivisible force. Biddle. [Read more ...]

Unitas Fratrum. Moravian Church. [Read more ...]

United Arab Emirates. 1820 = Trucial States. 1892 British protectorate. 1971 Independent federation. [Read more ...]

United Arab Republic. 1958 Egypt+Syria. 1961 -Syria. 1971 =Egypt. [Read more ...]

United Empire Loyalists. 18C. Colonists who supported Britain during American Revolution, went to Canada. [Read more ...]

United Front. 1924-6, 1936-45. Chinese communists, Kuomintang vs Japan. [Read more ...]

United Irishmen. 1791. Underground organization founded by Wolfe Tone. Irish Rebellion 1797-98. [Read more ...]

United Kingdom. 1801 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 1921 -Irish Free State =UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. [Read more ...]

United Nations. UN. 1945. Charter signed by 50 nations at San Francisco. To safeguard world peace and protect human rights. Most countries members now. 15 agencies for education, relief. Trusteeship . [Read more ...]

United Provinces. 1581-1795. Dutch unite vs Spain. Netherlands. [Read more ...]

United Provinces of Central America. CAF. [Read more ...]

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