The Pocket Guide to World History

Uncle Sam. Personification of US government first appeared in Troy Post based on “Uncle” Sam Wilson who supplied army beef stamped US 1813. [Read more ...]

Underground Railroad. 1838-65. Northerners help US slaves escape to Canada, defying Fugitive Slave Acts. [Read more ...]

Undset, Sigrid. 1882-1949. Norwegian novelist: Jenny 1911. Kristin Lavransdatter 1920-2. [Read more ...]

Unetice. Early Bronze age culture in Austria. [Read more ...]

Unicorn. Mythical subject of art 400BC-Middle Ages. [Read more ...]

Uniformitarianism. Earth shaped by ongoing processes indicative of time. Lyell. [Read more ...]

Uniformity, Act of. 1549. Established English Prayer Book, catechism for Anglican worship. 1553 Repealed. 1559 Reenacted. 1662 Deprived Nonconformists of living. [Read more ...]

Union. The North. States which did not secede during the American Civil War. Confederacy. [Read more ...]

Union Act. 1707. England and Scotland united as Great Britain. One parliament; separate law and religion. 1801-1921. Ireland and Great Britain united as United Kingdom. Proposed by Irish Parliament 1799. Ireland Act. Anglo-Irish Treaty. [Read more ...]

Union Jack. 1606. English St. George (red cross) + Scottish St. Andrew (white diagonal). 1801 + Irish St. Patrick (red diagonal). [Read more ...]

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. USSR. 1917 Communist revolution, Civil War. 1923 Union of states. 1939 +Galicia. 1940 +Baltic States, Bessarabia, Karelia. 1945 +Ruthenia. Recognized: 1923 US, 1924 Britain, 1940 Yugoslavia. 1991 Dissolved. Russia. [Read more ...]

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