The Pocket Guide to World History

Ultraismo. 1918-30. Spanish Symbolist poetry movement. Free verse, daring imagery. [Read more ...]

Ultramontanism. 15-19C. Roman Catholic movement for papal authority. Gallicanism. [Read more ...]

Ultraroyalists. 19C. French advocates of increased powers for Louis XVIII. [Read more ...]

Ulysses. King of Ithaca. =Greek Odysseus. [Read more ...]

Umayyad. 661-750. Sunni Moslem dynasty of Caliphate Empire. Defeated by Abbasid revolt. Abd ar-Rahman escaped to establish dynasty in Spain 756-1031. [Read more ...]

Umberto I. 1844-1900. 2nd king of Italy 1878-. Assassinated by anarchists. [Read more ...]

Umberto II. 1904-83. Last king of Italy 1946. [Read more ...]

Umbrella. 8CBC Assyrian invention. [Read more ...]

Umbria. Central Italy. Conquered by Rome c3C BC. [Read more ...]

Unamuno, Miguel de. 1864-1936. Spanish philosopher: Tragic Sense of Life 1913. [Read more ...]

Uncas. c1588-c1683. Founder, chief of Mohegan Indian tribe. [Read more ...]

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