The Pocket Guide to World History

Uganda. 1844 Arab traders reach. 1862 British explore. 1894 British protectorate. 1962 Independent. Amin. [Read more ...]

Ugolino della Gherardesca. -1289. Italian Guelf noble. Executed by starvation for treason. [Read more ...]

Uighur Empire. 8-9C. Turkic Sunni peoples of Inner Asia. [Read more ...]

Ukraine. 3C Ostrogoths. Rus. 1240 Golden Horde. 1392 Lithuania. 1569 Poland. 1648 Independent Cossack state. 1654 Muscovy protectorate. 1772 Russia. 1918 Independent. 1923 USSR. 1991 Independent. CIS. [Read more ...]

Ulbricht, Walter. 1893-1973. East German Stalinist General Secretary 1950-71. Head of State 1960-. Ordered Berlin Wall. [Read more ...]

Ulm, Battle. 1805. Napoleon defeats Austria. [Read more ...]

Ulm, Treaty. 1647. France-Sweden truce with Bavaria in Thirty Years War. [Read more ...]

Ulpian. -228. Roman prefect. Writings were source for Justinian’s Digest. [Read more ...]

Ulster. 5C Independent kingdom. 1171 De Courci conquers for England. 1594-1601 Failed rebellion. 1610 Presbyterian Scots settle. 1920 Northern Ireland. [Read more ...]

Ulster Peace Movement. 1976-. Protestant and Catholic women attempt to end Northern Ireland violence. [Read more ...]

Ulster Troubles. 1969-. Unionist attack on civil rights march led to revival of hostilities. [Read more ...]

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