The Pocket Guide to World History

Tyndall, John. 1820-93. Irish physicist. Tyndall Effect - why the sky is blue. [Read more ...]

Tynwald. 800- Isle of Man parliament, supreme court. [Read more ...]

Typhoid Mary. Mary Mallon. -1938. Carrier of typhoid in NY 1915. [Read more ...]

Tyrant. Originally any Greek ruler who seized power illegally. 5CBC- came to signify a cruel ruler. [Read more ...]

Tyrconnel, Duke of. 1630-91. Irish Jacobite leader 1689-. Defeated at Boyne. [Read more ...]

Tyre. c2000BC Phoenicia. 14C Egypt. 9C Founded Carthage. 8C Assyria. 538 Persia. 332 Alexander...Seleucid. 125 Autonomous. 68BC Rome. 636 Moslem. 1124 Kingdom of Jerusalem. 1291 Mameluks destroy. [Read more ...]

Tyrrell, George. 1861-1909. British Jesuit Modernist. Applied historical methods to theology. Excommunicated. [Read more ...]

Tz’u-hsi. 1835-1908. Dowager empress of China 1861-. Regent for T’ung-chi. Resisted reforms. Boxer Rebellion. [Read more ...]

Uccello, Paolo. 1397-1475. Florentine Gothic/Renaissance painter. Perspective pioneer. Flood 1447. [Read more ...]

Udall, Nicholas. c1505-56. English dramatist.Ralph Roister Doister 1553. First English secular play, comedy. [Read more ...]

Uesugi. 15C-1868. Japanese warrior clan ruling Honshu. Samurai. [Read more ...]

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