The Pocket Guide to World History

Twelve Tables. 451BC Roman law code. [Read more ...]

Twelve Tribes of Israel. Hebrews who settled promised land after Exodus. Each led by a son or grandson of Jacob (Israel). Hence, Israelites. [Read more ...]

Twenty-One Demands. 1915. China submits to Japanese threats. Japan controls Manchuria, Mongolia and have access to ports and islands. [Read more ...]

26th of July Movement. 1956-9. Castro rebels in Cuban Revolution. Named for date of failed attack on Santiago barracks 1953. [Read more ...]

Two-Power Standard. 1889. Hamilton declares that British fleet should be at least equal to naval strength of any 2 other countries. Abandoned 1912 by Churchill. [Read more ...]

Two Sicilies. Naples and Sicily. All Italy south of papal states. 11C Norman. 12C HRE. 1282 Angevin(N)/Aragon(S). 1443 Aragon. 1495-1504 French(N). 1713 Austria(N) /Savoy(S). 1734 Spain. 1759 Independent Bourbon. 1799-1802 France. 1861 Italy. [Read more ...]

Two Thousand Words. 1968. Czech proclamation supporting Dubcek reforms prompts Russian Invasion. [Read more ...]

Tyche. Greek goddess of chance. =Fortuna. [Read more ...]

Tyler, Wat. -1381. Led English Peasants’ Revolt vs taxation 1381. Executed. [Read more ...]

Tylor, Edward. 1832-1917. British founder of cultural anthropology. [Read more ...]

Tyndale, William. 1494-1536. English Protestant martyr. First English language bible. [Read more ...]

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