The Pocket Guide to World History

Turckheim, Battle. 1675. French recapture Alsace from Austria in Dutch War. [Read more ...]

Turgenev, Ivan. 1818-83. Russian writer. Fathers and Sons 1862. [Read more ...]

Turgot, Robert. 1727-81. French Physiocrat. Finance Minister 1774-6. [Read more ...]

Turicum. Ancient name of Zurich. [Read more ...]

Turin, Treaty. 1860. Nice, Savoy ceded to France by Piedmont, in exchange for Lomabardy. [Read more ...]

Turing, Alan. 1912-54. English mathematician, logician. Early computer theorist. Morphogenesis. Collosus. Bletchley Park. [Read more ...]

Turkey. Established 1920 by Treaty of Sèvres from Ottoman Empire. 1923 Republic. Atatürk. [Read more ...]

Turkish War. 1714-18. Austria, Russia, Venice vs Turkey. Passarowitz. [Read more ...]

Turkmanchay, Treaty. 1828. Persia cedes Armenia, ending Russo-Persian War 1826-8. [Read more ...]

Turkmenistan. 4CBC Alexander. 7C Arabs. 13C Golden Horde. 15C Persia/Uzbek. 1881 Russia. 1925 Turkemistan SSR. 1991 Independent. CIS. Niyazov. [Read more ...]

Turks. Central Asian tribe. 11-13C came to Middle East. Built Ottoman Empire. Seljuks. [Read more ...]

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