The Pocket Guide to World History

Tubman, William. 1895-1971. Liberia. President 1941-. Women’s and native suffrage. School system. [Read more ...]

Tubruq, Battle. WWII. British defeat Italians in Libya. [Read more ...]

Tucumán, Congress. 1816. Argentina attempts to declare independence. [Read more ...]

Tudor. Welsh dynasty. Ruled England 1485-1603. [Read more ...]

Tudor, Owen. 1400-61. Welsh. Married Henry V’s widow, Catherine of Valois. Founded Tudor dynasty. [Read more ...]

Tudor Architecture. c16C. English late Gothic style. Timber frame construction. Renaissance influenced decoration. Elizabethan. [Read more ...]

Tuileries, Storming of. 1792 Massacre of Swiss Guards. King’s authority suspended. French Revolution. [Read more ...]

Tuileries Palace. 1563. Architect:Delorme. Commissioned by Catherine de Medici. Stormed 1792. Burned, 1871 by Communards. [Read more ...]

Tulsidas. c1543-1623. Indian religious poet. Ramcaritmanas 1574-6. Influenced Hindu culture. [Read more ...]

Tunisia. Berber. 12C BC Phoenicia. 814 BC Carthage established. 146BC Rome. 5C Vandal. 534 Byzantine. 698 Moslem = Ifrikiya(...Africa). 1574 Ottoman. 1705 Autonomous. Barbary Pirates. 1881 French protectorate. 1956 Independent. Bourguiba. [Read more ...]

Tupac Amaru. c1742-81. Peruvian Indian revolutionary vs Spanish rule 1780-1. Mutilated, drawn, quartered, beheaded. [Read more ...]

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