The Pocket Guide to World History

Truman Doctrine. 1947. US aid vs communist expansion into Greece, Turkey. [Read more ...]

Trusteeship. 1946. United Nations method of governing territories. Replaces League of Nations Mandates. [Read more ...]

Truth, Sojourner. c1797-1883. US freed slave, evangelist, abolitionist, woman rights campaigner. [Read more ...]

Tsankov, Aleksandur. 1879-1959. Dictatorial Bulgarian Prime Minister 1923-6 following coup. [Read more ...]

Ts’ao Chan. c1715-63. Chinese novelist. Dream of Red Mansions 1742-63. [Read more ...]

Ts’ao Ts’ao. 155-220. Shrewd unscrupulous Chinese general. Suppressed Yellow Turban Rebellion. Established Wei dynasty. [Read more ...]

Tseng Kuo-fan. 1811-72. Chinese general. Suppressed Taiping Rebellion 1850-64. [Read more ...]

Tsingtao. (Kiaochow). Strategic Chinese port. 1898 German. 1914 Japan. 1922 China. 1938-45 Japanese occupy. [Read more ...]

Tsushima, Battle. 1905. Russian fleet destroyed by Japan after sailing from Atlantic. Ends Russo-Japanese war. Embarasses Nicholas II. Dogger Bank. [Read more ...]

Tu Fu. 712-70. China’s greatest poet. Pessimistic, satirical. [Read more ...]

Tuareg. Berber peoples of northwestern Africa. [Read more ...]

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