The Pocket Guide to World History

Troubles, Time of. 1604-13. Russian rival claims to throne by 3 “False Dmitris”. Polish Invasion. Romanov elected. [Read more ...]

Trousers. 1820. [Read more ...]

Trouvères. 11-13C. Lyric poets of north France. Imitated troubadours. [Read more ...]

Troy. Asia Minor city settled c3000BC. Besieged for 10 yrs and destroyed by Greeks 1184BC. Trojan War. 7C BC-4C = Ilion. [Read more ...]

Troyes, Treaty. 1420. Recognized English claim to French throne. Resisted by Dauphin. [Read more ...]

Truce of God. Peace of God. 1027-13C. Fighting on certain days is sacrilegious. [Read more ...]

Trucial States. 1820-1971. 7 Arab emirates under British protectorate, renewed truces annually. United Arab Emirates. [Read more ...]

Trudeau, Pierre. 1919-2000. Canadian Liberal Prime Minister 1969~84. Constitution Act 1982; Charter of Rights and Freedoms. [Read more ...]

Truffaut, François. 1932-84. French New Wave film director. Fahrenheit 451 1966. [Read more ...]

Trujillo. Rafael. 1891-1961. Ruthless Dominican Republic dictator 1930-. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Truman, Harry S. 1884-1972. US president, 1945-53. Decided to drop A-Bomb. Potsdam. NATO. Korean War. Taft-Hartley. Fair Deal. [Read more ...]

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