The Pocket Guide to World History

Triton. Greek merman demigod. [Read more ...]

Triumvirate. 60BC. Caesar, Pompey, Crassus. 43BC. Octavian, Antony, Lepidus. [Read more ...]

Trivium. Grammar, rhetoric, logic. Quadrivium. [Read more ...]

Trojan War. c1184BC. 10 Year siege to retrieve Helen taken by Paris to Troy. Trojan Horse leads to Greek victory. [Read more ...]

Trollope, Anthony. 1815-82. English Realist Victorian novelist of ordinary people, religious and political life: Phineas Finn. Barchester Towers 1857. 46 novels. [Read more ...]

Trolls. Hostile giants of Scandinavian folklore. [Read more ...]

Tromp, Marten. 1598-1653. Dutch admiral. Defeated Spain 1639 at Downs. [Read more ...]

Tropez, St. Decapitated by Nero, his body set adrift with a dog and cock was untouched until it came to rest at St. Tropez, France. [Read more ...]

Trotsky. Lev Bronstein. 1879-1940. Russian Bolshevik revolutionary, with Lenin anti-Stalin. “Worldwide Permanent Revolution”-socialism in Russia requires revolution everywhere. Favoured International Communism over Stalin’s Russian nationalism. Organized First Soviet 1905. Twice banished to Siberia by Czar. 1918 War Commissar...Red Army. Banished by Stalin 1929. Murdered in exile in Mexico. [Read more ...]

Trotskyists. 1965-75. Revolutionary radical-left syndicalist movements propounding Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution. [Read more ...]

Troubadours. 11-13C. Wandering lyric poets of south France and Italy. [Read more ...]

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