The Pocket Guide to World History

Tricolour. 1789. French flag. Fleur de lys. [Read more ...]

Trident Conference. 1943. Secret meeting of Roosevelt, Churchill to plan Normandy Invasion. [Read more ...]

Triennial Act. 1640. Charles I agrees to call parliament every 3 years. 1694. New election every 3 years. [Read more ...]

Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad: Arawak. 1498 Columbus discovers for Spain. Natives die. 1797 British. Tobago: Carib. 1781 France. 1814 British. 1962 Independent. 1976 Republic. [Read more ...]

Trinity. Christian doctrine that God has single essence in 3 divine persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. [Read more ...]

Tripartite Pact. 1940. Japan joins German-Italian Axis. Joined by Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, 1940; Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Croatia, 1941. [Read more ...]

Triple Alliance. 1668 England, United Provinces, Sweden vs France to protect Spanish Netherlands. 1717 France, England, Dutch Republic vs Spain...Quadruple Alliance. 1788-90 British, Dutch Republic, Prussia vs spread of Russo-Swedish War. 1795. England, Austria, Russia vs threat of French Revolution.1882-1914. Germany, Austria, Italy vs Triple Entente. [Read more ...]

Triple Alliance, War of. 1865-70. Paraguayan War. [Read more ...]

Triple Entente. 1893 France, Russia. 1904 +British-France. 1907 -Russia. [Read more ...]

Tripolitan War. 1801-5. US vs Barbary pirates who demanded tribute to the Pasha of Tripoli. [Read more ...]

Triptolemus. Greek hero, inventor of the plough. [Read more ...]

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