The Pocket Guide to World History

Trasimeno, Battle. 217BC Victory of Hannibal over Romans. [Read more ...]

Travis, William. 1811-36. Texas revolutionary commander killed at Alamo. [Read more ...]

Treaty Ports. Japan, China forced by west to open ports to foreign trade. Opium Wars. [Read more ...]

Treitschke, Heinrich von. 1834-96. German Nationalist historian. Authoritarianism. History of Germany 1879-94. [Read more ...]

Trenchard, Hugh. 1873-1956. British Flying Corps Commander. “Father of the RAF” 1918. [Read more ...]

Trent, Council of. 1545-63. Compiled Missal used by Roman Catholic Church until 1969. Prohibited sale of indulgences. Signals counter-reformation. Luther. [Read more ...]

Trent Affair. 1861. US sieze British mail ship in Civil War, remove two Confederate commissioners. [Read more ...]

Trenton, Battle. 1776. Washington crosses Delaware to defeat British. [Read more ...]

Trevithick, Richard. 1771-1833. English inventor of high pressure steam engine. Locomotive 1803. [Read more ...]

Trianon Treaty. 1920. WWI Allies settle Hungarian borders at 1/3 of pre-war size. [Read more ...]

Tribonian. -545 Byzantine. Compiled Corpus Juris Civilis law code 529. [Read more ...]

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