The Pocket Guide to World History

Tibullus, Albius. c55-19BC. Roman elegist. [Read more ...]

Ticonderoga, Battle. 1775. Green Mountain Boys defeat British, capture Fort Ticonderoga. [Read more ...]

Tientsin, Treaty. 1858. British, French concessions established. [Read more ...]

Tientsin Massacre. 1870. 20 French killed. China apologizes. End of China/Western co-operation. [Read more ...]

Tiepolo, Giovanni. 1696-1770. Italian painter of color and light. Frescoes. [Read more ...]

Tiffany, Louis. 1848-1933. US art-nouveau decorator. Colored glass works. [Read more ...]

Tiglath-pileser III. -727BC. Assyrian king c745-. Expanded empire to Persia, Babylon. [Read more ...]

Tigranes I. the Great. c104-55BC. King c95-. Armenia becomes strongest Eastern Roman state. [Read more ...]

Tigris-Euphrates. SW Asian river system. Assyrian, Chaldean civilizations. [Read more ...]

Tilak, Bal. 1856-1920. Indian leader. United Hindus, Moslems vs British 1916. [Read more ...]

Tillich, Paul. 1886-1965. German/US Christian philosopher. Courage To Be 1952. Systematic Theology 1951-63.. [Read more ...]

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